Bring your fetish to the street.

BULL is that kinky guy in you who just wants to express your inner fetish
not only at the clubs but also when rocking the streets.
So what are you waiting for, gear up!

get your gear


BULL UFG is all about bringing your fetish to the streets.

Browsing through fetish gear available, we have stumbled upon a niche. Our brand is aimed towards people fascinated by fetish, but bold enough to use it as streetwear. Our products are roaming around leather, rubber, vinyl, and latex, but we are balancing it somewhere in between uniforms, street, and sportswear. We designed them for people who want to express their masculinity with a casual look that would be right for both, the clubs and the streets!

For 20 years we have been creating fashion from scratch. We have been learning ever since to focus on each detail and make the quality and comfort of our products our priority. The experience and achievements gathered allow us to think of ourselves as experts in clothing design.